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Medications & Refills

Our way of handeling your medications and how we we regulate refills.


How do we handle delivering thr medications to you?


Methods used in packing your medicine and making it more accessible.


Processing your payments and handling your orders accordingly.

Safety and Privacy

Modes of handeling your private data and our policies around it.


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How do we handle delivering thr medications to you?


Some questions that we frequently recieve.

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Frequently asked questions

You can discover all the ongoing discounts and offers in the notification section of the app. Click on the notification button to see the list of available deals. You will also receive the details of the discounts as a notification message. So please switch on and check app notifications for the discounts.

Yes, we provide generic medicine only if the salt name is mentioned in the note. Kindly ask your doctor to mention the salt name on your note instead of a specific brand name. Then our team of pharmacists can provide you with the required generic.

The minimum duration of the order that can be purchased is for 15 days. We consider order requirements that range from 15 days to 45 days. However, if your requirement is longer, we will fulfil it before you run out of medicines.

Yes, a doctor’s note is mandatory. Our team of pharmacists will verify the note uploaded by you and will consider it as valid proof before we process your order. We can provide only those medicines mentioned in the uploaded note.

If there is no valid doctor’s note and you need medicines, we work with a group doctors for consultations to help you. To get expert advice, get in touch by contacting the toll–free number.

Yes, your doctors note can be changed mid-month during a medication cycle. If the medication cycle is to be changed between the month, please get in touch with our team of pharmacists and customise your order cycle to 15 days to start with. You need to notify the change in medication to our team at least five working days before the start of the following medication cycle.

To ensure the timeline effectively, we have a medication adherence system in the app. So this will ensure that you are reminded to take your medicines on time. To maintain the effectiveness of the medication, we have taken utmost care in dispensing your medicines. Our sachets are made with biodegradable cellophane material with FDA-approved barrier properties.

The entire dispensing is an automated process with minimal human interaction. A camera inspection system makes sure the right medication is in the right pouch. We also have a team of pharmacists who do a final quality check to ensure the highest quality possible before dispatching your medicine.

Once your doctor’s note is verified and payment is made, the order will be delivered within 1-5 business days. The delivery time will depend on your location pin code. We aim to ensure that you receive your order as early as possible. If you have not received your order within the stipulated time, please contact our toll-free number.

You can make an online payment for your medication. The cash-on-delivery option is not available. The supported payment options will be shown on the “Select Payment Options” page in the app while placing the order. We support all online modes of payment like credit/debit cards, Unified Payment Interface (UPI), net banking and e-wallets (Paytm, Freecharge and more).

Still curious? Connect with us.

We’re always happy to help. Our Customer care team is available We’re always happy to help.

Our Customer Care team is available Mon–Sat: 9am – 6pm.

Getting started

Introducing Pharmallama

Pharmallama is India’s first full-service digital pharmacy that offers sorting and packing of medication by the date, dose and time of consumption in personalised sachets as per your prescription. We enable you to track your medication cycle and help ensure you never miss a dose. Our service is free of charge, you only pay for your medication.

Our headquarters

Pharmallama is a digital pharmacy, which means we don’t have stand-alone stores. Our facility is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka from where we ship medication to your registered address.

Connect to a pharmacist

We have a dedicated team of in-house pharmacists on hand to attend to all your queries via phone call, email or WhatsApp. Click here to get in touch.

Medications and Refills

Your prescriptions

Once you sign up with Pharmallama, our team of in-house pharmacists will verify your prescription and the medicines ordered via phone, email or WhatsApp. We’ll then arrange your medication into a monthly cycle with all the relevant details printed onto each sachet.

Uploading of Valid prescription is mandatory and what holds good for it to be called as Verified Prescription (Date, Doctors Name, Signature, Seal).

Medications we offer

We deliver a wide range of medications including prescription medicines, daily vitamins and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines in various forms. All of our medications are sourced from wholesalers registered with adherence to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945.

  • Daily sachets: We package your medication in easy-to-use sachets as per the date, dose and time outlined on your prescription.
  • Other items: We can also include other items to go with your prescription, such as inhalers, eye drops and ointments. These will be shipped with the rest of your order.
  • Vitamins and OTC: We can include vitamin supplies along with the medication inside your daily sachets. Most vitamins and OTC medications don’t need a prescription. So you can simply list them on the Pharmallama app dashboard when making the rest of your order.

Certain medicines do not get packed in daily sachets such as SOS; whenever needed medicines and cold storage medicines like (Vaccines, eye drops, aerosol sprays, Biologicals, Probiotics, insulin)

Medication cycle and changes

Your medication cycle must extend over a minimum period of 30 days. You can change your prescription or dosage on a bi-weekly basis, provided the information is passed to us with 5 working days’ notice. This helps us to adjust your prescription in time for your next order. You can update your prescription and make changes on the app dashboard, after which we’ll give you a call to confirm the changes.

Daily timings

We usually have default times set for Morning (9am), Noon (12pm) and Evening (8pm) unless you request otherwise on our dashboard, via email, WhatsApp or by phone.

Refills and reminders

We send you timely reminders, so you never miss a dose. We’ll also let you know when it’s time for your monthly refill. Add to your email address book to ensure you receive our email reminders.

Medication preferences

Our team of in-house pharmacists will help you choose the most affordable medication for your prescription, as long as a generic medication is mentioned. If you have a personal preference for any particular brand, you can mention it on the app dashboard or connect with our pharmacists.

Split pills

If your prescription requires you to take half a pill for a single dose, we’ll split the pill in half before placing it into your daily sachets.

There will be noticeable powder in the sachets which is from the tablet during packing process and it’s safe to consume the medicines in the sachets.

Please note: Pills can only be split evenly in half. No other fractional amounts are available.


Monthly deliveries

You’ll receive a refill of your medications at the beginning of every month. Any other pharmacy items that are needed will also be delivered along with your existing order. We deliver your order to the physical address mentioned on the app dashboard. We’ll make sure your order is scheduled to arrive at least one day before your next medication cycle. A tracking link for your order will be shared with you on the dashboard and via email.

Please note: Our services are only available in the Bengaluru region for now.

Shipping changes

You can add or change your existing shipping address on the app dashboard, via email or by phone.



Your medicine will be placed into translucent, easy-to-tear sachets sorted as per the dosage in your prescription. The information on the contents is clearly printed on each sachet. This includes your name, the dosage, day, date and time of consumption. Each sachet can hold up to 7 pills depending on the size and type of your medication. If needed, we will produce a second sachet with the same relevant details.

Dispenser box

There is an opening at the top of the external box where you can easily pull out and tear each sachet as per your dosage. Each dispenser box can hold between 90 and 120 sachets. If the prescription states that more sachets are needed, we will provide the remainder of your prescription in a different dispenser box.

Your name along with medication details including the quantity, dosage, manufacturer name, and expiry date will be clearly mentioned on the box.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We take just much care for the environment as we do with our packaging. Our sachets are completely biodegradable, doing away with the need for wasteful plastic blister packs and bottles. Our dispenser box is made from 100% recyclable cardboard. To reduce waste even further, the dispenser box can be re-used for up to 3 monthly refills, after which it should be recycled and replaced.

Packaging conditions after received of order by customer needs to be mentioned like: Tamper evident package. Do not accept if seal is broken.

Opening your sachets

Opening the sachets is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Pull the sachets gently from the top of the dispenser box.
  2. Gently tear along the dotted line to separate each sachet.
  3. Read the instructions printed on the sachet and take your medication as directed.

Please note: We have designed our sachets to open easily, so please keep them out of reach of children.

Store sachets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


How we charge

Our service is completely free. No hidden costs. No additional charges. The only thing you pay for is the cost of your medication.

With every purchase, you’ll receive an invoice including all customer details and a breakdown of the prescription. We fulfil only 30-day order cycles. The payment must be made online and in full before the order is dispatched. We do not accept instalments.

Please note: The monthly billing amount may change if there are changes in the prescription or the medicine quantity for your order. Also, if you order any medication throughout the month in addition to the monthly order, you will be charged separately. The payment for additional items must be made online and in full while ordering the extra items.

View Your Orders

You can view your full payment history with itemised invoices for monthly or ad hoc items by accessing your online account through the app dashboard. We will also provide a billing summary for long-term customers who have been using Pharmallama for a period of 6 to 12 months.

Payment policy

Payments are made on a monthly order basis. This means you can buy the exact number of medicines needed, and make a one-time payment in full before we ship out your monthly supply. This saves you making multiple trips to your local pharmacy, as well as removes the hassle of trying to keep track of all the individual payments you’ve made over the month.

Safety and Privacy

We care about your privacy. All of your information will be kept private and secure, and none of your data will be shared with any third parties.

To know more about our privacy policy please click here.


Returns are subject to the following conditions:

At, we strive to ensure your orders are delivered to your satisfaction. However, in the rare event that your order is unsatisfactory, we are happy to accept returns for orders, if:

  • Items being returned should only be in their original packaging i.e. with labels, bar-code.
  • Batch number of the product being returned should match as mentioned on the sales invoice
  • Original sales invoice has to be returned for processing returns and refunds.


Health products like cold storage insulin injections and surgical are not returnable. Please add the same.

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